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Why sell your scrap gold and diamonds to Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs?

You can sell your unwanted items in a confidential and professional setting. Our skilled jewelers will carefully examine and test each individual piece, ensuring you get paid top dollar and are treated fairly. We will accurately test the exact karat content in any gold piece with the finest acceptable practices on the market today. We do all of our testing right in front of you. We then weigh the item and determine a price and you receive payment the same day.

Same as Cash

If there is a piece of jewelry you want us to make for you or a service you wish for us to perform, your scrap gold and diamonds are like cash. Get full retail credit in our store to use any way you like. The credit never expires and you can use it whenever you want.

Have stones you want to keep?

At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair, we want you to be more than happy during your visit. Some of our clients prefer to keep their diamonds, gems or sentimental stones and simply sell the metal in the jewelry itself. At Fast-Fix, we can carefully remove any diamonds, gems or precious stones while you watch. We do this free of charge!

Speaking of diamonds…

As one of the highest-paying diamond buyers, we also pay top dollar for your diamonds or allow a top-dollar trade-in if you are interested in a new diamond.

Although there is a higher markup for diamonds in a traditional retail store, with the industry connections and inventory available at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair, we will make sure you get the most you can for a diamond you are looking to sell or exchange.

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