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Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs

Denver (Fast-Fix), Jewelry Repair Limited Warranty

Fast-Fix offers a limited repair warranty according to the level of service that was provided on your jewelry:

Jewelry repairs are warrantied for one (1) year from date of invoice.

Exclusions of Warranty – The following are not covered under by our limited warranty:

  • Rhodium plating
  • Any repair of non-precious metals
  • Findings which have not been soldered
  • Damage from Abuse, Neglect, Modification, Shock
  • Damage caused by defective parts.
  • Parts not replaced by Fast-Fix
  • Repairs made by anyone other than Fast-Fix
  • Water and Chemical damage
  • Beads strung/restrung on elastic cord
  • Any portion of an item which is not the portion repaired by Fast Fix
  • Any partial repair – if our professional jewelers have suggested repairs, but the customer only approves some of the recommendations, the work cannot be warrantied. Recommended repairs are necessary to ensure all repairs are sound.


What not to do with your jewelry – Doing any of the following will void your limited warranty and may severely damage your piece:

  • Expose your jewelry to oils, solvents, or harsh chemicals.
  • Subject jewelry to washer/dryer laundry cycle.
  • Drop your jewelry from several feet high or higher where it lands on a hard surface.
  • Run over the item with your car.
  • Wear your jewelry 24/7 or frequently while sleeping.
  • Wear your jewelry to the gym, while rock climbing or gardening, or any other strenuous activity.
  • Have another jeweler work on the item.


Cases Where Full Repair is Not Possible

There are certain cases that, even after everything is properly repaired by Fast-Fix, your jewelry may not be able to be completely secure. This is especially true with vintage jewelry, jewelry that has been neglected, severely damaged, or improperly repaired by another person or service, or not been properly kept or serviced prior to sending to Fast-Fix. In this case, Fast-Fix will work with you to get the best possible results, so long as you’re willing to work with us.

This warranty is only for the original repair service as indicated on your Work Order and does not extend past any warranty work performed. No further warranty is provided after warranty repair is performed.

Your Work Order may have disclaimers in addition to our standard warranty, depending on your item’s and its condition. These disclaimers override our standard warranty.

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