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What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is just what it sounds like – jewelry that is permanently placed on your body. Rather than a clasp to take it off, a permanent bracelet is welded or soldered together. That means you can only take it off if you have it cut off with some special tools or scissors.

Part of the reason permanent jewelry has become such a hype is its convenience and symbolism. Since the welded bracelet or necklace has been clasped shut using a soldering iron or laser, you don’t have to take it off and put it on daily.

A permanent jewelry bracelet or necklace can be just the way to celebrate an important milestone or momentous occasion. Did you get engaged to the love of your life? Did something significant happen that you want to remember every day? Do you want to commemorate a beautiful relationship?

Permanent jewelry is an incredible way to honor and remember those special moments. It will stay with you forever, keeping your memories close to your heart. At Baribault Jewelers, we use 14k gold to make permanent jewelry per your design and style preferences.

Whether you need a permanent necklace with your initials or want a permanent anklet for everyday wear, we’ve got the best jewels for your taste.

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How Permanent Jewelry Works

Do you want to get a permanent friendship bracelet? Or are you interested in a welded necklace for your big day? Here’s how to get permanent jewelry Denver.

Make an Appointment

Welding permanent jewelry is a time-consuming process that takes longer than entering a shop, choosing a jewelry item, and walking out. Therefore, the first step is to make an appointment.

Appointments are limited, so do your best to book in advance. You can schedule an appointment online or contact our Denver location. We’ll help you find a slot that works for you.

Note that we recommend booking two consecutive appointment slots if you want to choose more than 3 bracelets. It will help us give you the utmost attention and time to ensure you leave satisfied.

Choose Your Chain

Once you’re in for your appointment, it’s time to choose the chain for the bracelet or the necklace. All our jewelry is made of 14k gold, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best quality.

You can go through our options to find a chain that suits your style. If you want something more unique, mix and match two or more chains to create a signature look.

Get Connected

After you choose the chain, we fit the zap bracelet on your wrist and weld it in place. We do the same with a permanent jewelry necklace you might choose. Now, you’re all set to flaunt your permanent jewelry and bid farewell to the worry of losing or misplacing your favorite jewels.

We’ll be more than happy to help if you need any adjustments. We know how special your jewelry item is for you and ensure it looks just how you want it to.

Chain Options

When it comes to chain options, we have a wide range of styles to choose from. Whether you want a classic look or something more modern, we have it all. Check out our collection below.

Bracelet Pricing

While some jewelers charge by the inch, others have a flat rate for bracelets and necklaces. Get in touch with us to learn more about our pricing.

Permanent Jewelry FAQs

What Is a Permanent Bracelet?

A permanent bracelet is welded onto your wrist, typically using precious metals. You can get permanent gold bracelets that can only be removed with special tools. Permanent jewelry has grown in popularity recently and is often used as a statement piece or to commemorate a special occasion.

Does Permanent Jewelry Hurt?

It does not hurt to get a permanent bracelet put on your wrist. However, if you’re allergic to gold, it’s best to consult a professional before getting one. Some people may experience slight discomfort for the first few days, but this usually subsides over time.

How Do You Remove Permanent Jewelry?

If you have a permanent jewelry necklace or bracelet on your body, you can cut it off with scissors. Make sure to make a clean cut close to the ring that connects the chain. When you want to put the necklace or bracelet back, schedule an appointment for re-welding.

Can I Purchase Permanent Jewelry As a Gift?

You can purchase permanent jewelry as a gift, but you’ll have to bring the recipient along to get the jewelry welded on.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

All our permanent jewelry sales are final. We do not accept cancellations, so please ensure you are sure before making a purchase. Refunds and exchanges are not available for permanent jewelry.

How to Book an Appointment for Permanent Bracelet Denver?

You can book an appointment on our website or call our area branch. We will be happy to help you find the best time for an appointment.

Do You Only Offer Permanent Jewelry In Gold?

Yes, gold wears much better than other metals over time and is a better option for permanent jewelry. We have a wide selection of gold chains, allowing you to choose one or more chains for a unique look.

Do I Need to Remove Permanent Jewelry When Passing Through Airport Security?

You do not have to remove your zapped bracelet or necklace while passing airport security. You may be asked to go through additional screening if your jewelry sets off any alarms.

Do You Entertain Walk-Ins?

Currently, we only offer appointment-based permanent jewelry services. You can book your appointment through our scheduling page.

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