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Denver (Fast-Fix), Eyeglass/Sunglass Repair Limited Warranty

Fast-Fix offers a limited repair warranty according to the level of service that was provided on your eyeglass frames:

Eyeglass frame repairs are warrantied for one (1) year from date of invoice.

Rimless glasses are not able to be repaired by our stores.

Fast-Fix does not repair nor machine lenses. Lenses will be assessed prior to intake and customers will be informed of any existing damage, however Fast-Fix will not be held responsible for any damage to lenses which occurs during frame repair.

Exclusions of Warranty – The following are not covered under by our limited warranty:

  • Any repair of titanium frames
  • Screw replacement
  • Nose pad replacement
  • Monofilament repair/replacement
  • Any other replacement parts

Customers are always advised that if adjustments to the frames are needed in terms of fit, they must go to an optician and inform the optician that the frames have been repaired prior to the adjustment. Any damage which occurs from failure to follow these instructions is not covered by the warranty.

What not to do With Your Eyeglasses or Sunglasses – Doing any of the following will void your limited warranty and may severely damage your watch:

  • Sit or step on your frames
  • Run over your frames with a vehicle
  • Any abuse which is beyond reasonable wear
  • Attempt to repair the frames yourself
  • Attempt to adjust the frames yourself
  • Have a different company repair the frames
  • Subject your frames to extreme conditions such as heat or compression

This warranty is only for the original repair service and does not extend past any warranty work performed. No further warranty is provided after warranty repair is performed.

Your Work Order may have disclaimers in addition to our standard warranty, depending on your item’s and its condition. These disclaimers override our standard warranty.

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